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The tools I am sharing with you here are the basics of what I use for nearly every situation.  As more tools become available, I will add them here.

The first tool is the breath.  The breathing technique that was taught to my by The Grandmothers is what I call Activation Breathing.  It literally makes your body look like a wave when you are doing it correctly.  This audio file can also be found on the TEM page, also in the members area.

This next tool is something I learned from a radio show called Everything is Energy back in 2008.  This has worked for me in every single situation I have ever used it for.  It works to help my kids settle at bedtime (because I must be calm and focused to use it) AND it works for driving, flying and keeping people you don't want out of your energy field.  It lasts for approximately 12 hours.  When I worked at a conventional JOB, I did this for fellow employees and for myself daily <3

The Turtle Time Warp one is a tool is what I use when I need some help from the Other Side to get where I need to go when there is no realistic way for me to get there on time.  I also use it when I am tired and traveling.  I usually get an hour shaved off my travel time!  The key is asking.  Then forgetting you asked and enjoying the ride <3

Activtion Breathing - Jessica Smalls
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Purple Bubble - Jessica Smalls
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Turtle Time Warp - Jessica Smalls
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Activation Breathing - Jessica Smalls
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Spirit of Earth Meditation - Jessica Smalls
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Transcendental Elemental Meditation or TEM, is a ritual of quiet stillness and breath play that allows the participant the opportunity to connect with and learn from their own connection to Spirit.  Spirit exists within us and within all things.

TEM is done with our focus on a single element of combination of elements, hence part of the name "Elemental". 

The elements we meditate with are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  TEM can be done in any location or position you choose, so long as you are comfortable and your environment is safe.  When meditating with Water, we attempt to be ONE with the water.  I find TEM with water to be best while I am submerged in the a tub of warm water and practicing Activation Breathing.  For Earth, it is best to be ONE with the Earth in your own way (ie. lay on the ground, bare feet on the ground, sit under a tree, holding a rock, stick, flower, etc.).  For Air, we strive to be ONE with the AIr (standing outside, standing in the wind, focusing on the breath, etc.).  For Fire, it is best to be ONE with Fire (gaze at a candle, sit in front of a fire, etc.)

TEM was passed down to me from Red Star through the Thirteen Grandmothers in an attempt to help people see that we require our natural environment to be balanced.  The goal of TEM is to come to a space where we can view ourselves as part of the see that we are truly ONE with all that is <3

Wherever you decide to be and whichever element you choose to use, be certain that it is what you need in that moment.  Even though this type of meditation is transcendental, meaning that the idea is to transcend your current situation, there may be nothing fantastical that happens for you, and this is totally normal.  However, on occasion and certainly with practice, you may begin to feel things, see things, hear things, or KNOW things.  Please do yourself a huge favour and accept these things you experience in this state.  When you have completed your meditation, write about your experience in a journal dedicated to your meditative experiences.  The more you practice, the stronger you will become.

TEM would not be possible without proper breath play!  The audio above will help you understand what Activation Breathing is and how to do it.  When you have your Activation Breathing down pat, have a listen to the Spirit of Earth Meditation above along while utilizing your new breathing technique.

Additional Guided Meditations will be added as they come through, however if you feel you need a guided meditation just for you, send me a REQUEST and include what you are attempting to achieve through your meditation.

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